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Customer -- Various Case Report -- Maharashtra Police Problem Statement -- To extend the reach of the public safety wireless network to communicate with infrastructure telecom as well as over the Internet to make it accessible through VoIP. Radio over IP product, our first turnkey design and delivery to solve the problem was delivered. The [...]
A full Home Automation solution suite is designed and currently being extended for additional features. The solution suite consists of different kinds of controls, sensors, safety and security devices available over different performance, range and technology options. The solution excels for performance over the varied electrical supply, surges and wireless propagation scenarios. Available as an [...]
Ready solutions for automatic meter reading in form factor design. Radio Platforms IEEE 802.15.4g based radio -- MKW01Z128CHN, CC1310 in low power and high power variants LoRa based radio modules (SX1262) and high power modules (30dBm) with ultra-long-range
→ Communicate everywhere. We have successfully used codec2 to beam over LoRa to provide an extra-ordinary audio communication + location solution. It does group communication with dynamically created groups, location sharing, and two-way audio. Group communication for the above.