We provide end-to-end solutions and services tailored to our customers and business needs.  If you are looking for LoRaWAN managed network services, LoRa Module an IoT analytics platform for data processing, or devices we got you covered.
Digitalization no longer needs to be difficult.

Embedded Systems

We understand the heart beat for embedded systems. With a decade of hands on experience we cater to diverse industries.

Product Development

We help you bring your product to life. With experience in SCM as well as mass manufacturing we help in rapid end to end product development

LoRa Technology

Low-cost physical layer that enables long range wireless communication while being energy efficient.

Wireless Network

Wireless network and protocols is our niche. We have in depth knowledge and expertise in working with LoRa, BLE, LoRaWAN, WiFi, NBIoT


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What We Offer

LoRa Module

Strategic Electronics

LoRa Network

Wireless Networks

Embedded System

Embedded Systems

Digital Processing

Digital Signal Processing

Mass Manufacturing

Concept to Mass Manufacturing

IoT Solution

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