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We are a technology company in the areas of Digital signal processing, Wireless networks, Electronic systems and Strategic electronics. We design and develop software and hardware solutions in the field of voice, video and wireless networks.

We are an R&D company that thrives on engineering innovation and cherish the designed and developed in India. DSPWorks has rich experience of product development from concept to realization on diverse platforms including ARM, DSP and x86 architectures. We are based in Mumbai, India with representations in Bangalore and Delhi.

We are pleased to announce our 802.15.4 radios in Indian License Exempt Band (865 - 867 MHz)
with upto 27dBm transmit power. Read more..


Products and Solution

Public Safety

  • Radio over IP
  • UHF MANET/ Mesh Radios

Open Source

  • Linux Kernels/ Real Time Kernels
  • OpenWRT
  • RTOS for low end MCU/ ARM Cortex

M2M/ IoT

  • 6LoWPAN ready radio modules/ Routers (IEEE802.15.4 radios in Indian Band)
  • LoRa & LoRaWAN


  • Spectrum Consulting/ NFAP spectrum queries
  • Telecom Policy Matters
  • Indian Rules and Acts related to Communications

Available Products

  • SX1276/ LoRa Transceiver
  • LoRaWAN Transceiver based on STM32L152RE
  • IEEE 802.15.4g short & medium range radios
  • Cortex-M4 platforms
  • Various Sensors

Radio Over IP

Accessibility and efficiency are the key parts of communication in any organization. Due to the propagation characteristic of radio waves in the VHF/UHF band, an otherwise perfect solution for terrestrial communication, a bridge interface is required to extend this communication beyond the horizon.

Wireless radios in the Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) band are widely used and are popular owing to their pervasive range and the benign propagation conditions. However, since their propagation is limited to region of up to few 10s of kilometers many times it is required to bridge/ attach the existing VHF/UHF radios with GSM or landline or IP and extend the communication ability beyond the horizon leveraging entire of the above mentioned infrastructure modes.

We offer a technology solution, developed indigenously and locally as a performance optimized option for such radio over IP bridges.

Any emergency radio network interfaced with such a redundant infrastructure communication mode will ensure that key personnel remain accessible at all times as well as will also prevent any deadlock/ un-availability of key personnel condition in times of requirement.



• Sites can be connected over wide geographical areas
• Co-ordinate among various wings/ radio nets through the common gateway
• 100% indigenous solution
• Retain existing radio infrastructure

The solution allows emergency workers to not only co-ordinate efficiently but also in areas of network (cellular) outage their own radio wireless network can be relied upon to relay communication over multiple interfaces.


DSPWorks team has strengths in embedded systems, wireless networks and product development.
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Akshay Mishra

Founder & Chief Technology Officer for DSPWorks

Akshay did his Bachelors from MSU Baroda and M.Tech (ECE) from IIT Bombay in 2002. Akshay has worked with HP Labs, Eisodus Networks (a startup in the domain of Metro Ethernet) and Tejas Networks. From 2010 he has been working in the domain of Networking and Embedded Systems with experience in realizing concept to products. Strong credentials and sound ability in all steps for product development. Akshay has worked for HP Labs, Tejas Networks in design and team lead roles. Akshay has sound understanding of India communications law and Telecom policies, Wireless and telegraphy rules and has contributed under government bodies including the Indian Frequency Allocation Plan.

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Vimal Sharma


Vimal is the Co-Founder and Chief Financial and operating Officer, responsible for the legal, financial and operations at DSPWorks. Vimal brings in an experience having handled accounts, purchase and audit related tasks at one of the leading electronic products manufacturer and sales company in India. Vimal has incubated a couple of companies with varied levels of success. He also runs a financial services company called V-Serve Finance in Mumbai.

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Rohit Kulkarni

Principal Software Architect

Rohit has over half a decade of freelance software development experience and has completed multiple projects where scalability, reliability and maintainability were the primary concerns. Before freelancing, he worked at Microsoft for over 3 years in the Silicon Valley and for 2 years at the Centre of Excellence in Telecom lab at IIT Bombay. He is also an avid biker who has travelled to more than 20 Indian states on 2 wheels. He also moonlights as a mechanic fixing Royal Enfields, including two of his own. At DSPWorks, Rohit is in charge of the entire software team. He also has a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California at Los Angeles.

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Kaushal Parikh

Systems Consultant

MS ECE, University of Texas at Dallas 2004. Kaushal has worked across a spectrum of wireless companies, including an IISc Bangalore startup and is quite an authority on Wireless Systems at the PHY and MAC layers. Kaushal has good hold on hardware, PCB and systems software and looks after these aspects at DSPWorks. Kaushal has been associated with DSPWorks and the team since inception.

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Vijayanand Raj

Hardware Specialist

B.Tech. Vijay lends his 10+ years of experience in high density and complex board design. With his rich experience in PCB design for manufacturing for Tejas Networks and CG Corel he has now an ability for getting it first time right, a unique advantage that not only saves cost and gives time advantage but also gives a boost to engineering and sets performance benchmarks. Vijay holds a Bachelor in Electronics Engineering from Madras University.

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Shri Raghavendra Anant Raichur

Advisor and Mentor

Shri Raghavendra Anant Raichur (aka RAR), is advisor and mentor to DSPWorks. Mr. Raichur (B.Tech, IITB 1976) was the Managing Director at Seto Teknolog, a supplier to various organizations under DAE. Mr. Raichur has wide experience in analog design, system design, SCADA, Powerline measurements systems, Process Signal Isolator Designs to meet IEC 61000 EMI standards for EMI , Shock, Vibration ,climatic requirements of IEC 60688, eddy current based inspection systems, Indian business processes and cost efficient indigenous manufacturing using high quality. Mr Raichur has been associated with DSPWorks since its inception. He is also on the board of RJ Shah & Co, a BSE Listed company.


We believe that customers are partners not only to success but also to a better solution and mutual growth.

DSPWorks is a member of the Indian SDO - TSDSI with representations in the M2M and its RAN groups. We also have good understanding of Indian Telecom Acts, Wireless Laws, Spectrum Regulations, and Frequency Allocations.

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