Temperature Sensors

Non-contact measurement

Thermal Camera

  • The thermal IR array provides a comprehensive high precision non-contact temperature measurements with a self-calibrated sensor
  • Applications:
    • Occupancy detection for intelligent air-conditioning
    • Capture temperature remotely for safe measurements (eg: for C19 patient measurements the thermal camera can capture temperature from afar as compared to a IR gun which works in very close proximity)
    • Industrial temperature measurement and control
    • Thermal comfort sensor in automotive air-conditioning

  • Target temperature profile: -40*C to 300*C
  • Accuracy: +/- 1*C
  • Operation on full charge: 3 days
  • Weight: <100g (Portable LED-flashlight like construction)
  • Factory Calibrated – no field calibration required
  • Dimension: Ø30 x 150mm OR Ø45 x 90mm
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Works over BLE – Android app ready
  • JSON data to Android – can be used for analytics
  • Amiable to cloud storage, automatic event triggering
Sample Images

Image captured from 1m away of a motor which was at

Image captured from 12-inches of a person staring at the


  • Thermal Camera can be ordered with wide or narrow field of view (FOV) as per the target application.
  • For example:
    • Industrial application may require narrow FOV
    • Temperature scanning for COVID-19 patients at entry of a building may benefit from a wider FOV

  • The design is based on a single Microcontroller with integrated BLE 4.0.
  • The MCU interfaces with the IR Array and beams the content directly to the smart-phone app
  • The smart-phone app can be modified to store image to cloud, define event based action (temperature high, detect human etc)
  • We can extend features to include measurement for GPS, pressure, humidity to the same device

Simple functional for quick manufacturing


  • Power Switch
  • Scan Switch
  • Charging interface

Industrial Temperature Sensors

RTD Sensor

  • DSPWorks Chariot Device integrates with RTD sensor sending content over the BLE or LoRaWAN network.
  • The typical data flow is from node to BLE gateway (smart phone or device like RPi), LoRaWAN Gateway (network gateway from infrastructure provider or your local LoRaWAN Gateway)
  • The Data is owned and stored directly by the customer. DSPWorks devices merely helps get the data to the cloud.
Comparison Sheet

Device Operating Range Distance from target Peripheral measurement Accuracy Interface
Thermal Camera -40*C to +300*C Upto 1.5m Configurable +/- 1*C BLE/ WiFi
Ambient Humidity + Temperature Sensor -40*C to +125*C Ambient Sensor Humidity +/- 0.5*C BLE/ LoRa/ WiFi
RTD Sensor Depends upon RTD Insert Can be added BLE/ LoRa/ WiFi