Industrial IoT Solutions

Internet of things

Industry 4.0

  • Industry 4.0 has been defined as “a name for the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, including cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing and creating the smart factory”.
  • IoT is relevant to Industry 4.0 as the existing deployments (DCS/ SCADA) are not amiable for communicating directly to cloud or analytics. DCS/ SCADA are mostly for re-active decision making.
  • Our IoT platforms will retro-fit into the same hardware space and bring data to the cloud while retaining existing infrastructure

Industry Interfaces

  • Every industry requires automation for various process controls
  • DCS/ SCADA brings data only to a display/ central office
  • DCS data not amiable for cloud & analytics
  • The various actuators and sensors have standard interfaces
    4-20mA current loops
    Serial Interfaces
  • Every industry requires a stitching of solution, however infrastructure interface remain similar

How we make it happen

  • We have IoT modules for every standard industrial interface for retro-fit IoT extensibility
  • Choice of different IoT protocols based on
    1. data-rate
    2. distance
    3. latency
  • Get data directly on Cloud with easy thresholds to set alarm/ notifications
  • Following highly accurate sensors are ready with us :
    1. Utility consumption like energy, water, gas
    2. Process measurements like temperature, pressure, humidity
    3. Digital/ WiFi enabled weighing scales which communicate directly with cloud
    4. BLE enabled Thermal Cameras with extended temperature ranges
    5. RTD sensors over extended temperature ranges

Ready to use industrial sensors

Thermal Camera

  • The DSPWorks Thermal Camera captures thermal images from -40*C to +300*C
  • The device dumps the data in a highly sensitive 720 pixel array over Bluetooth enabling accurate temperature measurements without physical contact
  • Applications – security, industry, food processing units
  • Benefits – contactless with wide temperature range
Temperature and Humidity Sensors

  • Industrial RTD sensors for highly accurate measurements where physical contact is required
  • Change RTD interface for a wide operating range
  • Ambient sensors for environmental temperature and humidity sensor
  • Calibrated sensor from -40*C to +125*C
  • Available over LoRa, BLE and WiFi
Flow Sensors

  • The flow sensors are on Modbus or HART. Our IoT modules interface to these flow sensors on native interfaces and make it available on the cloud
  • Additionally IoT platform has GPIO, PWM, ADC and DAC for sensor and actuator interface
Pressure Sensors

  • Barometric pressure sensors with 0.002hPa accuracy
  • Relative accuracy of 0.06hPa
  • Pressure temperature sensitivity 0.5Pa/K