DSPWorks IoT Modules for India Band

DSPWorks IoT Modules for India Band

DSPWorks has multiple IoT modules for the Indian band, also easily customizable for other markets. We’ve named them IdIoT, CharIoT, PatrIoT and the GrIoT.

The IdIoT, as the name may indicate, does not have any MCU nor any stack of its own. It is a mere SX1276 with a high power PA and LNA. The transmit power is up to 30dBm, maximum allowed as per the Wireless Planning Commission in India and the board also boasts of an LNA in the receive path boosting the input by up to 15dB.

CharIoT IoT Module

The CharIoT is a popular 20dBm module with a Cortex-M0+ accompanying the SX1276. To the enthusiast we also share the driver files and source code to play with it, however mostly it is a work-horse for low-power medium-range requirements.

PatrIoT IoT Module

The PatrIoT is a versatile module with a 30dBm transmit power, as well as an LNA on the receive path. It also has an MCU boasting of multiple peripherals supporting multiple RS-485 readers, 4-20mA sensors or 4-20mA loop generators. The PatrIoT has been tested for a range of up to 2km for continuous transmission with our 2dBi antenna and can easily cross 3kms or more with little planning on antenna positioning and using the appropriate Spreading Factors. It is power-hungry, consuming up to 800mA however standby currents remain lower than 100uA.

GrIoT IoT Module

The GrIoT is an IEEE 802.15.4g based module not available on our webshop but does quite well with mesh, sensors, and streetlights.
All of the above modules go together with our sensors and peripherals which include motion, PIR, occupancy, Gas leakage, IR Transmitter, AQI, CO2, Accelerometers, Temperature, and Humidity. We also support interfaces to the standard industrial interfaces like RS-485 or 4-20mA loop current sensors.
All the modules also support an AMI/ metering setup, supporting Gas, Water, and Energy Meters – in either digital meters as well as retro-fit to existing meters.

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