The India Band LoRa Module — Specifications

The India Band LoRa Module has an external PA/ LNA, conforming to the WPC regulations to allow upto 30dBm as well as allowing one to be greedy in terms of range and performance. The design ensures the nearby CDMA RFI (interference) is neither interfered nor causes any interference to our transmissions.

It has the following specifications:

Parameter Value Remark
Transmit Power 28-30 dBm 29dBm typical
Receive Improvement 16dB instantaneous.
Protocols Supported LoRaWAN, Native Works with Things Networks, Semtech or the Raspberry Pi based LoRa Gateways
Peak Transmit Current 500mA Peak measured, at 5V input
Standby 100uA This is with our power hungry regulators.

Application details:

  • The TX power should not exceed 8dBm in any case or there may be irreversible damage to the RF Front end and/ or the module.
  • Never use the module without antenna, the reflection can damage the RF Front End and/ or the module.
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