High Power LoRa Gateway

The India Band Lora Module can also be used with the Open-Source Raspberry Pi. Attach the module to the Pi as described on the webpage — we only require the SPI connections and the power connections. Now, enable AES and raw form reception in gateway_conf.json and start the lora_gateway.

sudo ./lora_gateway –mode 1 –raw | python post_processing_gw.py

Make sure to specify your code rate, SF, BW and frequency as per your setting — the default in our client node is:

BW – 125KHz,
SF – 7 to 12
Frequency: 865 – 867MHz
Code Rate: 4/5

This should set the gateway.

Now for the client node, you will have to specify the sync-word (usually it is PUBLIC NETWORK, however for Pi based implementation set it to false). Your gateway should now be receiving data from the end-node.

You should be able to specify formatting and writing your application hereon.

For low-end applications you would not require a high-end gateway and the SX1276 based radio module from DSPWorks can be used as your gateway as well as end-node.

Images and connection details will be shared in a separate post soon.

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