India Band LoRa Module  


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24/11/2016 10:43 am  

We are pleased to announce the India band LoRa module. This module is developed as per the allowances under the IND44 in the NFAP 2011. 

The DSPLoRa module allows upto 30dBm of transmit power, is small in size, albeit a bit more power hungry than the regular LoRa modules but it compensates this power in the additional range in those places where you always wanted to raise the antenna higher. 

Please put all your support queries in this chain. 


  1. The input power to the RF Power Amplifier should not exceed 9dBm under any condition. 
  2. Always use the module with an appropriate antenna
  3. Never feed the RF output directly to another module without a suitable attenuator
  4. Never use the module outside of the permissible legal specifications, viz: 36dBm EIRP and 200KHz bandwidth.
  5. The image attached is for one of the product variants. Not all variants may be available for sale. Please check the product page for further details.
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